The Yunahon Mixtape Vinyl SMR001

Oso Oso is the latest project of Jade Lilitri, who has long been respected in the indie/punk world for his early work on Long Island, New York for the past 6 years. However, with the recent release of Oso Oso’s LP, The Yunahon Mixtape, Jade has surpassed even the high expectations of his longtime fans. This is an album about a mixtape, about love, and about the ephemeral nature of life. It is a touching and emotional listen, and yet still a catchy record that fans will enjoy screaming along to at live shows.

“Lilitri is as much of a student of his influences as he is a fan, understanding the exact methods that make the sound of this music hit a certain way at a certain age and linger in the years to come.” - Pitchfork

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Track Listing

  1. the cool
  2. reindeer games
  3. the walk
  4. the bearer of the truths
  5. get there (when you're there)
  6. great big beaches
  7. shoes (the sneaker song)
  8. the slope
  9. the secret spot
  10. the plant mouth
  11. out of the blue

Pressing Information

1st Press
Doublemint 100
Baby Blue 250

2nd Press
Baby Pink 150 - TOUR EXCLUSIVE
Bone 200
Electric blue 300