The Yunahon Mixtape 7.8 on Pitchfork 6 February 2017

Oso Oso's The Yunahon Mixtape has received a 7.8 on Pitchfork. Read an expert below, and read the full review here.

"For ’00s indie rock fans, Yunahon Mixtape can be heard as a seamless Since I Left You-style collage borne from college radio crate digging between 2001-2004. It’s a veritable Easter egg hunt for brisk, Barsuk-era Death Cab for Cutie melodies, and the appropriately titled and panoramic “Great Big Beaches” stages a misty-eyed, full-hearted reshoot of “Cath…” Elsewhere, Lilitri steps outside of classic emo to practice the fastidious, ship-in-a-bottle complexity of the Shins (“The Secret Spot”), Built to Spill’s anxious prog-pop (“The Bearer of the Truths”) and the walking-wounded blues of Spoon(“The Slope”)."

- Ian Cohen - Pitchfork