Oso Oso

Have you ever visited a vacation town off season? Maybe you revisited your childhood vacation spot years later? You probably see it differently now, through a lens of nostalgia, and maybe a tinge of sadness. I’m sure it’s more empty than you remember, but you fill up the space with your own memories - of people you met, you fell in love with, you drifted away from. Long Island's Oso Oso plays a brand of indie rock that fills you with that same nostalgia, except in this case, song writer Jade Lilitri set the stage with The Yunahon Mixtape. The album about a mixtape mixes brilliantly infectious and extremely intimate songs to provide the listener a chance to reminisce their own coming-of-age story. There’s a familiarity and relatability in Oso Oso’s music that’s hard to come by; a universal appeal that sounds right at home on a radio station or at your local DIY show.

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